St. Thomas Aquinas Rescues Modern Psychology

Author: Fr. Brian Thomas Becket Mullady, O.P.
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by: Fr. Brian Thomas Becket Mullady, O.P.

In the struggle to find the touchstone between faith and reason, modern psychology is often a very problematic area for Catholics. Why? Because post-Freudian psychology is based on a mistaken idea that moral laws lead to neurosis. It argues that we must be freed from morality in order to become psychologically whole.

In this powerful and reassuring book, Fr. Brian Mullady examines the nature of a healthy Christian emotional life, and ultimately provides the Catholic answer to the problematic theories of Sigmund Freud.

Made in the image and likeness of God, man is created for communion with the Holy Trinity - to love and be loved. Our immoral and destructive culture, devoid of authentic love, promulgates utilitarian views that in turn give way to various types of emotional illness and unrestrained passions. As you discover how sin damages the moral and emotional life of man, you'll come to see that the only source of true happiness is through the acquisition of virtue, as mankind is healed through grace.

Drawing from the writings of St. Teresa of Avila, Fr. Mullady clarifies the purpose of prayer and the stages of spiritual growth. He then shows how the Holy Spirit can create authentic communion between your intellect, will, and passions, and how through openness to sanctifying gifts, you can be restored to the original integrity of a child of God. The turmoil within you will only be calmed when your mind and body are no longer at war with your soul.

In these pages, you will also learn to advance from spiritual infancy to maturity, as Fr. Mullady shares:

  • How to overcome emotions of fear or unrestrained energy
  • The power of hidden acts of patience and virtue
  • Why fidelity to our state in life leads to sanctity
  • How God uses our sufferings to draw us closer to Him
  • The importance of allowing God to purify our wills and help us root out our sins
  • How it is through struggle that we become holy


Fr. Brian Thomas Becket Mullady entered the Dominican Order in 1966 and was ordained in 1972. He has a Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD) from the Angelicum University in Rome, Italy and was professor there for six years. He is currently a mission preacher and retreat master for the Western Dominican Province. He is the author of eight books, numerous articles, and writes for Homiletic and Pastoral Review and is the theological consultant for The Institute for Religious Life. He is a Missionary of Mercy appointed by Pope Francis. He also has had many programs on EWTN and currently has a weekly radio show on the EWTN radio network.

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