Sermons in Times of Crisis

Author: Rev. Paul D. Scalia
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Sermons in Times of Crisis: Twelve Homilies to Stir Your Soul

With an Introduction and Commentary by Rev. Paul D. Scalia

The Catholic Church today finds itself in the midst of a crisis. The flock is scattering, and while some shepherds bravely set off in search of those lost and wandering sheep, others drive them, and many more, further from the fold.

But the Church has seen and weathered numerous crises in its two millennia, and always one or more of its priests and bishops stood up and rallied the faithful: whether to rebuke an Emperor or oppose a policy, encourage the faithful or defend the faith, bishops and priests ascended the pulpit and delivered sermons that met the pressing needs of their own times, sermons which should be read and remembered by Catholics of all times.

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ISBN #9781505108781

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Author Rev. Paul D. Scalia
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