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Why Pray How to Pray

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by: Enzo Bianchi

A Spiritual Pearl!
For close to 2 millennia Christians assumed the importance of prayer even if they themselves at times neglected to pray or prayed poorly. But in the last 60 years there has been and continues to be a cultural shift in attitude about prayer- a shift to negativity that is affecting each person. "As a consequence, we are witnessing a kind of demise of personal prayer" - Enzo Bianchi.

Looking at the past few decades Prior Enzo looks at why many have come to question why we should prayer at all, seeing prayer as an escape from responsibility of social action or as seeking "magical' solutions to life's problems. Others have argued that it is a waster to time praying to God, who they say did not stop events like the Holocaust or natural disasters from happening.

Prior Enzo Bianchi considers these & other objections to prayer in this slim book and he shows that such objections can serve to purify our understanding of what precisely prayer is. Besides considering the question of why we should have a prayer life, he addresses the important issue of how to pray. Because prayer, correctly understood, remains an irreplaceable element of Christian life.

About the Author Enzo Bianchi:
As a young Catholic layman, Enzo Bianchi founded the ecumenical monastic Bose Community in Italy in 1965 in the fervor of renewal of the Second Vatican Council. He is still the Community's prior. His books on the spiritual life have been translated into many languages.

8x5 inch Trade Paperback. 108 pages.
ISBN: 9780818913662
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Why Pray How to Pray

Why Pray How to Pray