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Who Is Our Example? - Grade 3 Student Text 2nd ed: Image of God

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Image of God Series

The second edition of the grade 3 curriculum, "Who Is Our Example?" is a perform-a-text which combines text and activity in one book. Clear, comprehensive and interesting presentation of the Catholic Faith based on seven key concepts: God, Creation, Christ, Church, Grace, Sacraments and Commandments. Stories from Scripture, lives of the saints and contemporary situations give students Catholic role models and examples of living the faith. The lessons are complimented by colorful illustrations.

THEMEEmphasis is placed on developing a deeper understanding of the nature and persons of God, and who we are as images of God. Also focused on are the powers of thinking and choosing that God gives us and how we should use them to imitate the perfect image of God, Jesus. The students grow in their understanding of the Church, and participation in its life of grace and Mary, our mother, who helps us to be like Jesus.

SEQUENCE: Ch. 1-3: The mystery of God and the life of the Trinity.
Ch. 4-12: Our identity as images of God with the special powers given to us to act as God's images.
Ch. 13-16: Jesus, the perfect image of God, is our example.
Ch. 17-22: The Church is the body of Christ, and we its members.
Ch. 23-25: Celebrating liturgical seasons.

AIM: To develop a better understanding of the dignity and powers that God has bestowed on each person. The formation of a moral conscience, to follow the example of Christ and act as He would act, and the development of a sense of community as a member of God's family, the Church.

Keywords: Image of God, Who Is Our Example?, Grade 3, Student Text

Trade Paperback.
ISBN: 9781586173777
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Who Is Our Example? - Grade 3 Student Text 2nd ed: Image of God

Who Is Our Example? - Grade 3 Student Text 2nd ed: Image of God