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When a Loved One Leaves the Church

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by: Lorene Hanley Duquin

Author Lorene Hanley Duquin uses an engaging blend of stories from real people, Church teaching, sociological studies, and plain old common sense to bring comfort and understanding to those who bear the burden of having a loved one leave the Faith.

The single greatest factor involved in leaving the Church.
The five main reasons people drop out.
The only reason why some people must leave the Faith.
Why you shouldn't feel guilty when a family members leaves.
Sure-fire ways to keep teens attending Mass.

If you have picked up this book, it's because someone you love has fallen away from the Catholic Faith. You may be carrying your pain silently. You may be ashamed to admit that a spouse, child or sibling is no longer a practicing Catholic. You may have questions and concerns but don't know where to turn. One thing is certain, however. You're hurting.

There is help. You can find comfort, understanding, and the strength to go on. You can be free from guilt and self-blame. You can let go of pain, suffering, and heartache. You can still have a relationship with your loved one. To can be at peace once again. This book is a practical guide to living with, loving, and praying for those you deeply love.

256 pages. Trade Paperback.
ISBN: 9780879739409
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When a Loved One Leaves the Church

When a Loved One Leaves the Church