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The Writings of St. Louis Marie De Montfort

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The Writings of St. Louis Marie De Montfort


For approximately three hundred years, Le Bon Père de Montfort (The Good Father from Montfort), as St. Louis de Montfort was commonly known, has been identified with a profound and important aspect of Catholic spirituality and doctrine. Thousands of the faithful have found in his example and his teaching a vision of Christian life that is sure, reliable, captivating and challenging in its beauty, its depth, its wisdom and its boldness.

Fr. de Montfort was a tireless preacher of the reign of Jesus through Mary who put at the service of his mission all of the richness of his wide-ranging talents as an artist, a writer, a poet, a theologian and a sculptor. He identified himself so closely with the plight of the poor, the forgotten and the cast aside that he was received by them as one of their own. Finding in the Cross of the Savior a treasure of inestimable value, he did not flee from suffering, nor from sorrow or sacrifice, as he understood that nothing so fully unites one with the Lord than the Cross of the rigors of faithful discipleship borne faithfully, lovingly and even joyfully. The key to this ardent and fruitful apostolic life was his surrender of himself into the maternal care of Mary, the great Mother of God. This great secret, the secret of Mary, the secret that leads one to intimate communion with Jesus Christ, the eternal and incarnate Wisdom of God, is the treasure he longs to impart through his writings and there is not a word that he has written which does not hold some aspect of that great treasure within it.

This book, then, is a treasury - a treasury of life, of wisdom and of grace. It is such a treasury because its author, St. Louis de Montfort, is one who has been privileged to receive from Our Lady a sharing in the great Treasury that is stored up in her holy and immaculate heart, and it is from this great Treasury that we are given a sharing in and through the writings of the Good Father from Montfort.

Hardback: 618 pages

Author: Montfort Publications

ISBN: 9781976351341

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The Writings of St. Louis Marie De Montfort