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Saints - A Visual Guide

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by: Edward Mornin
Lorna Mornin

San Antonio, St. Patrick, St. Paul, Santa Claus - these are just a few of the many saints whose names are familiar to everybody.

Well over six million people in the United States live in a city named after a saint. Yet how many of us know the stories behind the saints whose names and images surround us?.

Edward and Lorna Mornin have been collecting images of saints from both high and low art for decades. In this handy guide they combine their research into 130 popular saints with fascinating images, answering often-asked questions: When did these saints live? What are their symbols? Did they actually exist?.

Drawing chiefly from western Europe and the United States, "Saints: A Visual Guide" goes beyond familiar portrayals to lesser-known but enlightening images of famous saints, not only in formal sculpture, painting, and engraving but also in such modest media as prayer and playing cards, coats of arms, commercial signs, and the like.

Attractive, practical, and filled with fascinating stories, this little book will be an invaluable field guide for everyone even the most seasoned "saint spotter.

Paperback. 296 pages.
ISBN: 9780802832498
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Saints - A Visual Guide