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Refuting the Attack on Mary

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by Fr. Mateo

In Refuting the Attack on Mary, Father Mateo uses sacred Scripture and the writings of the Church Fathers to show the justification for Catholic beliefs about Mary. He also addresses common questions that arise in discussions of Mary:
Why do Catholics believe that Mary remained a virgin after the birth of Jesus?
Why is she believed to be immaculately conceived?
Was Mary assumed into heaven?
Why is she called Mother of God?
Why is she called Queen of Heaven?
Are Catholic teachings on Mary unbiblical?

Fr. Mateo also points out the errors of logic and fact committed by many anti-Catholics as they mount attacks on the Blessed Mother.

Remarkably concise, this work powerfully explains how to defend Marian doctrine. After reading it, you will be fully equipped to defend the truth of Catholic teaching whenever you are called upon to refute an attack on Mary.

101 pages. Paperback.
ISBN: 9781888992083
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Refuting the Attack on Mary