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Paul and His World

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by: Stephen Tomkins

For some, Paul's influence has been largely negative. For others, he is simply the greatest mind in Christian history. Author Tomkins argues that Paul would have been quite at home with such a mixed reception. He had his share of hero worship in his lifetime, but was also more reviled than any other Christian.

What no one ever accused Paul of, however, was being halfhearted. His Christian life was a constant arduous missionary journey, enduring ship-wreaks, prison, mob violence and the depressing politics of Church life.

Paul and His World is a lively and lucid attempt to portray the man behind the controversy and the drama. As the author says: "Two billion people today are followers of Jesus and every one of them sees him through a lens crafted by Paul. A person of that influence is worth getting to know."

Full color. Deluxe Trade Paperback. 192 pages.
ISBN: 9780818912740
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Paul and His World

Paul and His World