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One Nation Under God: Religious Symbols, Quotes, and Images in Our Nation's

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by Eugene F. Hemrick

Eugene F. Hemrick Washington D.C. has been home to so many scandals and so much blatant disregard for morality, it's easy to forget that America was soundly founded on religious values. This unique guide to our nation's capital points out the overt religious imagery contained in our most famous public monuments and buildings.

In these pages you will discover such fascinating facts as: The astonishing location of a striking bronze statue of St. Paul.
Which five Catholic exemplars are forever honored at the U.S. Capital Places where biblical references and quotations pertaining to salvation history are prominently displayed.
The surprising site of some of the finest religious art in the world.
And much more, including beautiful panoramic pictures and maps.

Take this book on your next visit to our nation's capital and discover for yourself the all too often forgotten religious symbols and images from America's past.

Trade Paperback
150 pages
ISBN: 9780879739911
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One Nation Under God: Religious Symbols, Quotes, and Images in Our Nation's