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Listening For God: Discovering the Incredible Way God Speaks to Us

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Listening For God

Discovering the Incredible Ways God Speaks to Us

Teresa Tomeo

We all long to know the will of God in our lives, to obtain answers to our prayers, and to receive tangible evidence of the heavenly Father's personal care for us. We deeply desire to hear His voice. The fact is: God is not silent. He frequently breaks into our lives in surprising ways with timely remedies and gentle promptings that can be explained only by His attentive love and providence. Popular Catholic author and radio host Teresa Tomeo has gathered an inspiring collection of such "God-incidences" from her life and those of other prominent Catholics-including broadcasters Joan Lewis, Al Kresta, Steve Ray, and authors Greg and Julie Alexander - that reveals the unmistakable ways God has "spoken" to them. Their true-life stories include: The mysterious man who assists an anxious couple at a deserted Italian train station ... and then vanishes, An unexpected business offer that arrives just as financial ruin threatens a couple recently jolted by an Alzheimer's diagnosis, How a six-word sentence from a husband to his embittered wife redirects their marriage from bitterness toward reconciliation and renewal, How a terrifying car accident leads to a life-saving ultrasound for an abortion-minded mother These and many more profound and intimate stories will deepen your faith as they remind you of the active presence of God in your life. Each comes with a lesson for you to apply to your life and reflections to help you grow in your ability to hear and respond to the still, small, powerful voice of God.

Trade Paperback

228 Pages

Sophia Institute Press



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Listening For God: Discovering the Incredible Way God Speaks to Us

Listening For God: Discovering the Incredible Way God Speaks to Us