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Hand Carved Wood Nazareth Nativity -15 piece set with stable

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by Bernardi Wood Art
Special Order - Each piece a work of fine art.

The Nativity figures are scaled 4.7 inches (12cm) in height and comes with a handsome unique stable.

Each piece is made of finely crafted lindenwood, from the Italian alps. Hand carved finish and painted by hand with brushes, one color at a time, with a respect for the oldest artistic techniques.

The unique stable is created from the roots of the harvested trees by the older members of Bernardi Studios - semi-retired craftsmen who have honed their skills for decades! The stable measures 11.5 inches in width and 10.5 inches high.

In the valleys of northern Italy's Alps the Bernardi family of artisans have been creating exquisite nativities and statuary generation after generation for over 400 years. Each unique piece is then hand stained, painted and gilded with impeccable attention to detail - no two exactly alike.
Their work has been chosen to grace the churches, villas, cathedrals and homes of Europe for 400 years.

Production No. J-9000FA/12

Boxed with Val Garden certificate of authenticity.

*Please note: The Root stable will vary greatly from piece to piece as they are formed around the natural growth pattern of each tree.
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Hand Carved Wood Nazareth Nativity -15 piece set with stable