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Gregorian Melodies - Popular Chants - Volume I

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Gregorian Melodies - Popular Chants by The Monks of Solesmes
Volume I

From the Liber Cantualis Mass, Chants to Our Lady and the Benediction of the Holy Sacrament

An answer to repeated requests for the familiar Latin chants of years past.

Taken from the 10th to the 17th centuries, the chants range from Tantum Ergo and Adoro te, to hymns from the service of Compline.

Sung with grace and style, the chants on this disc are ideal for those who are familiar with the chant liturgy, as a collection of familiar melodies, as well as for those wanting to become familiar with Gregorian chant.

Total play time: 58:18 minutes. Tracks:
1 Sprinkling of Holy Water Asperges me
2 Sprinkling of Holy Water (Easter season) Vidi aquam
3 Kyrie XVI
4 Gloria XV
5 Sanctus XVIII
6 The Lord's Prayer - Pater noster
7 Agnus Dei XVIII
8 Chant of Adoration -Adoro te
9 Hymn - Iesu dulcis memoria
10 During Lent - Parce Domine
11 Chant of Worship -Tantum ergo III
12 Chant of Worship Adoremus in aeternum
13 Antiphon - Salve Regina (simple tone)
14 Antiphon - Regina caeli (simple tone)
15 Canticle and Antiphon - Magnificat
16 Antiphon - Sub tuum praesidium
17 Hymn - Ave maris stella
18 Prose - Rorate Caeli
19 Ecce nomen Domini
20 Attende, Domini
21 Hymn - Veni Creator
22 Hymn - Te lucis
23 Brief Responsory - In manus tuas
24 Canticle and Antiphon - Nunc dimitis
25 Kyrie XI
26 Sanctus XI
27 Agnus XI
28 Credo III
29 Kyrie XVIIC
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Gregorian Melodies - Popular Chants - Volume I