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Death Panels - A Novel of Life, Liberty and Faith

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Michelle Buckman

The year is 2042. America's Christians are decimated, persecuted- most of them huddled together on a federal reservation, the rest forced to worship in secret underground communities. The State knows all and controls all: what you eat, what you watch, how you think and pray. Tolerance is the highest virtue. Deviance is the norm; speaking out against it is a crime. Any lifestyle choice is fine... as long as it doesn't lower your federal Healthcare Score. Too low and the Health Continuity Councils- or "Death Panels"- will hold your life in their hands. For powerful, ambitious Senator Axyl Houston, this isn't enough. He wants the Death Panels to have the power to euthanize the genetically weak and imperfect; he wants America to lead the global Unified Order in purging future generations of disease and imperfection. Against him stands David Rudder, an escapee from the Christian reservation- called the Cloistered Dominion or "Dome"- who in the simple, merciful act of rescuing a Down's syndrome baby from termination becomes entangled in a chain of events that could lead to a revolution for the Culture of Life. Or to its final destruction. The Death Panels is an exciting- and disturbing- story of a not-too-distant future in which our current political battles over life and freedom have reached an explosive crossroads, and a clarion call to all Christians and lovers of liberty.

Paperback. 307 pages.
ISBN: 9781935302476
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Death Panels - A Novel of Life, Liberty and Faith