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Crux Trinitas Paschal Candles - All Sizes

SKU: 31182|10 - 2-1/2X60



from Sculptwax® Paschal Candle Collection
by Cathedral Candle

The Crux Trinitas Paschal candle is a visually stunning candle in any sanctuary with beautiful symbolism.

This candle is decorated with high quality, sculpted wax reliefs for a striking, three dimensional effect.

Crux Trinitas design employs deep red, cut wax that creates the triple bar (for the Trinity) cross with 12 Ends (for the 12 Apostles). The cross is mounted over a golden foil back and complemented with a reaised wax Alpha Omega.

The candle comes with a set of incense imbedded, red wax nails and a set of numerals.

Guaranteed 51 percent premium quality beeswax for consistent longer and cleaner burning candle.

The light of our Holy Trinity shines down on God's People. The Easter Vigil is truly among the most impressive and beautiful of all Christian liturgical celebrations, and for this celebration the towering Paschal candle offers its rich symbolism.

Made in the USA.
Boxed with foam inserts for protection.


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Non-returnable - Please choose your candle diameter carefully for perfect fit.
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Crux Trinitas Paschal Candles - All Sizes

Crux Trinitas Paschal Candles - All Sizes

10 - 2-1/2x60
11 - 3x48
15- 3x60
2 - 1-1/2x34
20 - 3-1/2x62
3 - 1-3/4 X36
4 - 1-15/16x39
4-2 - 2x36
4sp - 2-1/16x36
5 - 2-1/16x42
5-2 - 2x44
6 - 2-3/16x48
6sp - 2-1/2x36
7 - 2-1/4x48
8 - 2-3/8x52
8sp - 2-1/2x48
9 - 3x36