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Choosing Happiness

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by: Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez has had to overcome more obstacles than most, but she says there is one question that keeps her moving forward: Will I choose to be happy or choose to give up?

In Choosing Happiness, Lizzie talks about some of these obstacles and how she managed to choose happiness. From fighting with friends to college applications and learning how to live on your own, Lizzie offers her own stories and advice on how to handle whatever life throws at you. With social media and celebrities giving us their own examples of what it means to "grow up" and be successful, Lizzie shows us how it's sometimes better to stand outside the crowd, even if that means we sometimes have to stand alone.

While it's easy to give up or give in to social pressure, Lizzie shows us how choosing our happiness is better, and how with faith, prayer, friends, a good attitude-and late-night taco runs-you can overcome anything.

Trade Paperback
128 pages
ISBN: 9780764824883
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Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness