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Cardinal Zen’s Advent Reflections

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Cardinal Zen's Advent Reflections

Cardinal Joseph Zen


This Advent season, the courageous and persistent Joseph Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong has prepared seven stirring, spiritually edifying meditations to lift the souls of Catholics worldwide to God. From his seclusion, this Prince of the Church invites the rest of the world to join him in waiting for the Messiah's return to redeem and save the human race and restore mankind to a proper relationship with God.

These thoughts are drawn from Cardinal Zen's homilies and pastoral letters during his episcopacy in Hong Kong at a period of social and political upheaval. As a result, we believe that these ideas provide Christians hope for calm and tranquillity.

Advent, derived from the Latin adventus, which means "arrival" or "approach," is the season in which Christians wait for Christ's Second Coming, much as the world did for hundreds of years before His birth. Cardinal Zen requests the Holy Spirit to pull us deeper into Him as we await Christ's prophesied corporeal return to earth to shatter the bonds that imprison mankind and restore all things to Himself. You will find the following information on these invaluable pages:
  •     How to let the Baby Jesus give you courage and live “out of bounds” with your hope
  •     Three questions to ask yourself when preaching the gospel
  •     Your duty as a Christian to proclaim the truth from your heart
  •     Two things you should focus on during Advent (Do you know them?)
  •     Ten basic attitudes you should cultivate for your salvation (Be alert!)
  •     The way to experience the “excessive” love, healing, mercy, and peace of God

His Eminence will guide you through the beauty of the liturgical themes with insightful thoughts, allowing you to experience the Advent and Christmas seasons like never before. You will meet the Holy Family and learn from them, and you will rejoice in Epiphany, the "outburst" of our salvation. You will also see how the magi remind us of our Eucharistic Lord's reverence and worship, as well as the path to childlike faith and absolute submission with our Blessed Mother.

Cardinal Zen's inspired thoughts will fill you with hopeful longing, joyful expectation, prayerful penance, and spiritual preparation as you contemplate on the past salvation history, your present redemption that is being performed today, and the future advent of Our Lord and Saviour.


187 pages


Sophia Institute Press



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Cardinal Zen’s Advent Reflections