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A Lifetime of Love

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A Game Plan for Marriage and Family Life

by: Lou Holtz

If you ask legendary football coach Lou Holtz about his greatest accomplishment, he doesn't talk about winning a national championship at the University of Notre Dame. Instead, he's most proud of his fifty-nine-year marriage to Beth and raising their four successful children together.

In A Lifetime of Love, Holtz offers couples young and old practical advice on marriage and parenting gleaned from his fifty-nine year marriage. He shares stories from he and Beth's life away from the football field that reveal the couple's deep faith in God and commitment to each other and their children.

The Holtzes faced many challenges throughout their marriage: Lou's coaching jobs meant he was often away from home and caused their family to move multiple times. Beth suffered a long battle with illness. Through it all their marriage-and family-remained strong because of the practical lessons they learned as they rode the ups and downs of life.

In this inspiring story, you'll find Lou and Beth's powerful examples for successful marriage and parenting, including:

  • Find ways to connect daily.
  • Make sure your children feel loved and appreciated.
  • Be intentional about time together.
  • Learn from each other and accommodate one another's needs.
  • Prioritize faith and prayer.

The Holtzes intended to write this book together, but after Beth's death Lou decided to celebrate his wife's memory by completing the story of their life together. Their children-Luanne, Skip, Kevin, Elizabeth, and their spouses-also share memories of growing up in the Holtz family, adding their voices to the story of their parents' love.

Trade Paperback.
128 pages.
Ave Maria Press.
February 11, 2022
ISBN: 9781646801336.
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A Lifetime of Love

A Lifetime of Love