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Author: Christina Haapala
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A Scriptural Rosary about Men for Men

by Christine Haapala

From the Middle Ages, the Rosary has been promoted as a powerful intercessory prayer. ...I was asked to write a scriptural rosary about men for men. The irony in this request is that as an author of twelve scriptural prayer books, seven of which are scriptural rosaries, I should have thought of this idea myself. However, the Holy Spirit brings special people into your life to witness to you, so you can witness to others. At first glance, the reader might be concerned about repetition in this prayer book, especially if you have prayed my other prayer books. However, this meditation prayer book is wholly new and holy original.

Does a scriptural rosary about men for men necessarily mean that a Marian prayer will become less Marian? On the contrary, Mary always points to Jesus. Mary, infused with extraordinary humility, will be guiding us to the foot of the Cross and through the gates of Heaven.

Each of these holy men are paired with a Rosary mystery to show how in their life they imitated Jesus or his Blessed Mother Mary. Many, dare I say all, were devoted to Our Lady's Rosary, praying it daily and had it on their lips as their dying breath. It is not our intention to give a complete life story, just a glimpse. These holy men are on track for sainthood. If you are in a need of a miracle, look no further for help.

Saddleback Paper.
104 pages
August 2022.
ISBN: 9781736863107
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Brand Suffering Servant Scriptorium
Author Christina Haapala
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