Jerusalem Cross Pendant in Bronze with Black Cord

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New Jerusalem Cross Pendant, 1-1/2 inch, Solid polished bronze on 33 inch brown cord in gift box.

Also known as The Crusaders Cross and Five-Fold Cross, the Jerusalem Cross dates back to the First Crusade in the 11th Century. Crusaders saw the Jerusalem Cross as a symbol of salvation and a call to spread the word of God from the central location of the Christian Faith, Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem cross is comprised of a cross surrounded by four smaller "crosslets." These smaller crosses represent the four evangelists who wrote the gospels and helped spread the word of Jesus Christ in all directions. Perhaps the most compelling symbolism found in the Jerusalem Cross is that of the five wounds Jesus Christ suffered during the passion. Wounds to Christ's hands and feet are represented in the small crosses and the large center cross represents the wound to Jesus' side. Today, the Jerusalem Cross calls Christians everywhere to continue to spread the word our Lord, Jesus Christ in all four corners of the world.

This Jerusalem Cross (sometimes called the Search cross), is a popular gift for retreats, confirmations and anyone answering the Lord's call to service.

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Manf. production no. M-30.
Clear top Box
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Brand Terra Sancta
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