In the Beginning...

Author: Christine Haapala
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A Scriptural Rosary according to the Pentateuch

by: by Christine Haapala
Illustrations by Christine Parson and Kristiina Ujueta

In her eleventh Scriptural prayer book, Christine Haapala reveals another view of the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary through meditations from five books of Moses - the first books of the Bible - the Pentateuch. "In the beginning..." is a unifying theme to meditate on the entirety of the Gospels as reflected in the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary.

This book, "In the Beginning...", updates Book 1: The Pentateuch in From Genesis to Revelation.
The Our Father meditations are selected from Sacred Scripture verses that focus on "In the Beginning...".
The Hail Mary meditations are selected from the Pentateuch [Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy].
Additional verses are selected from the Catholic Old Testament books of Wisdom and Sirach. All new meditations for the Luminous Mysteries were selected for this book.

Trade Paperback
64 pages and includes 18 illustrations from both the Old and New Testament.
ISBN: 9780984039487
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Brand Suffering Servant Scriptorium
Author Christine Haapala
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