In Him Alone Is Our Hope: The Church According to the Heart of Pope Francis

Author: Jorge Mario Bergoglio
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Jorge Mario Bergoglio

And suddenly a great silence envelops the crowd as the successor to Benedict XVI is announced.... Astonishment: Who is it? Where is he from? The commentators are stunned, tongue-tied. Then,upon hearing his first words, the crowd stirs, followed by ripples and then waves of enthusiasm-what freshness, what inspiration, what beautiful Gospel simplicity!

"Called from the end of the world," is he the shepherd who will lead the Church, confronted by the challenges of the postmodern world, along the pathway to renewal? Already his humble witness has made a powerful impact, giving us a glimpse of what is essential about him.... But deep down, who is this man? What does he think? Toward what shores will he steer the barque of Peter?

In this book, then-Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio answers these questions himself as he preaches a retreat to the bishops of Spain. Following the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, he meditates upon the crucial issues at stake in the vocation of a bishop. In so doing, he offers us his vision of the Church, setting forth the outlines of what could well be the reform program of Pope Francis.

It is a rich, captivating text with a strong, uncompromising message. In short, it's a spiritual page turner you won't want to put down!

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ISBN: 9781936260584
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Brand Ignatius Press
Author Jorge Mario Bergoglio
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