Epiphany Home Blessing Kit

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Epiphany Home Blessing Kit contains:
- Chalk for blessing.
- Holy water bottle.
- Incense.
- Charcoal for incense.
- Laminated prayer card.
- Imitation Gold Coins.
- and History & Blessing pamphlet.

Epiphany (also known as Twelfth Night, Theophany, or Three Kings Day) marks the occasion of a time-honored Christian tradition of "chalking the doors." The formula for the ritual - adapted for 2024 - is simple: take chalk of any color and write the following above the entrance of your home: 20 + C + M + B + 24.

The letters have two meanings. First, they represent the initials of the Magi - Caspar, Malchior, and Balthazar - who came to visit Jesus in His first home. They also abbreviate the Latin phrase, Christus mansionem benedicat: "May Christ bless the house." The "+" signs represent the cross, and the "20" at the beginning and the "24" at the end mark the year. Taken together, this inscription is performed as a request for Christ to bless those homes so marked and that He stay with those who dwell therein throughout the entire year.

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