Drinking with Your Patron Saints

Author: Michael P. Foley
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The Sinner's Guide to Honoring Namesakes and Protectors

by: Michael P. Foley

There's a patron saint for everything. And Michael Foley has a drink for every patron saint.

Have a problem with the IRS? Pray to St. Matthew and mix up a classic Income Tax cocktail to toast the tax collector apostle.

Looking for a deal at a gun show? Try St. Adrian of Nicomedia, the patron of arms manufacturers, and raise a glass of craft beer from Denver's Call to Arms in the saint's honor. Or stir up a "Gunfire cocktail", traditionally served to British soldiers on Christmas Day.

Need to sell your house? Ask St. Joseph for his help and honor his patronage with a Sazerac, made with wormwood in honor of his trade as a carpenter.

Drinking with Your Patron Saints gives you a saint for every occasion.

Packed with inspiring stories and delicious drink recipes for saints from Adam to Zita, this book will be a boost to your spiritual life-and your spirits.

256 pages
Regenery Publications
March 2020
ISBN: 9781684510474
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Brand Regnery Press
Author Michael P. Foley
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