Absolute Relativism - The New Dictatorship And What To Do About It

Author: Chris Stefanick
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by: Chris Stefanick

In his best-selling booklet, Absolute Relativism: The New Dictatorship And What To Do About It, Chris Stefanick tackles all the tough questions about Relativism by showing how bankrupt and impractical it is.

Through his down-to-earth, easily accessible Question-and-Answer format, Chris Stefanick shows that far from being the answer to "World Peace" - or even personal peace of mind - Relativism suffers from a self-destructive rot.

Indeed, this pernicious philosophy's glittering faade may be updated with each generation's quest for meaning, but as Stefanick shows, this dead-end error remains the same cop-out it was the day the Truth Himself took up his cross to defeat it. In Absolute Relativism you'll learn:
- Why relativism inherently contradicts its own claims.
- What makes it one of the worst ideas in the history of ideas.
- How relativism has a direct influence on the morals and virtues of a nation.
- Why relativism doesn't even work "on the ground" in "real life."
- Who relativism has hurt in history - and who it continues to hurt today.
- How relativism is counterproductive to the true practice of tolerance in society.
- Why religion - which makes claims to absolute truth - is finally more tolerant than relativism.
- What Christianity has almost singlehandedly done to foster true tolerance in the world.
- How all laws legislate morality and all relativists are lying when they say otherwise!
- Why Jesus was anything but a relativist in his approach to sinners.
- How the so-called impasse between religion and science is for the most part a myth.
- What the true meaning of "open-minded" means - it's not what you think!
- Why, ultimately, relativism is a step backwards in true human progress.

64 pages. Pocket size booklet.
ISBN: 9781933919461.
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Author Chris Stefanick
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