A Christmas with Christ - Finding Joy Each December

Author: Alexander Basile
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by: Alexander Basile

Every year society prepares for the commercial season of Christmas earlier than the year before. The catalogs start to arrive in September. By Halloween, the garland and lights are placed in the local shopping mall.
Being children at heart, we never hesitate to jump onto the express lane that puts us into the midst of Christmas even though the calendar may still read "November." We pack our schedules with various activities and by the first week in January we reiterate the same old sentiment, "Christmas came and went by too quickly!"

Sucked into the frenzy of the season, we fail to stand back and take it all in. We don't take time to reflect on the deeply profound beauty of the Incarnation. We forget to include Jesus as we make our preparations for Christmas. The birthday party is in place and we never invite the guest of honor.

The religious dimension of Christmas should not be saved until we enter our parish church. The purpose of A Christmas with Christ is to serve as a reminder that including Jesus in our activities during Advent and Christmas can make everything special. Every tradition, party and family gathering will take on new meaning for us and we will find true joy each December.

Trade Paperback. 92 pages. ISBN: 9780818913389.

ISBN: 9780818913389
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Author Alexander Basile
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