1-3/8 inch Double Thick Altar Bread Wafers

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500 count white wheat wafers per "Easy pour" container.
Use only as many as needed and the snap on lid helps keep the rest fresh.

These wafers are twice the thickness of regular altar bread. This style of Altar bread is perfect for parishes distributing Holy Communion by intincture OR for churches that want a congregational host that feels more "home-made".

All breads have a carefully molded sealed edge, which prevents crumbs. They are baked of only whole wheat flour and water, and are made strictly without additives. All Cavanagh altar breads are superior in substance and sign value. The breads are sealed minutes after baking and are untouched by human hands.

Sturdy resealable plastic containers. This superior package is made of PETE plastic and is available at no extra cost. This clear, rigid, recyclable container (4" x 4" x 9 3/4") is the best of our packaging methods because it offers a complete hermetic seal, protection of freshness, protection against tampering and damage, easy opening, dispensing and resealing.

Made in the USA to strict standards.

Manf. production no. 66-15
Resealable Plastic Container.
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